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HILARY PEKIN, Founder and Owner
Hilary has been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 1986. Hilary started her fitness career at Sportslife in Marietta, GA. She taught group fitness classes there for 23 years. Hilary also worked for the STEP company, where she helped Gin Miller introduce the STEP workout to 500 fitness instructors from all over the world at the Atlanta APEX convention in 1990. When the Step company produced a "Home" version of the step, Hilary was in the workout video that was included with the Step. As the Aerobic Director at Sprayberry LA Fitness in Marietta, GA, she helped open the club in 2008 and offered over 60 classes on the group fitness schedule. Hilary still personally teaches 7 classes a week at LA Fitness including Body Works, Step and Boot Camp. Hilary was a competitive Swimmer, Diver and Runner. She won a Gold Medal in the 440 Relay in the 1972 Junior Olympics. Hilary's goal is to help you get into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.

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