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Helen Marie Crowell
I have been working out with Hilary 3 times a week for about a year. The program includes a total body work-out with light weights and a separate abdominal workout during each session. As a member of the "over 50" set, my goal was to avoid that middle age spread and to improve my over-all fitness level for the present and for years to come. I have been very pleased with the results! I am stronger and in better physical shape now than I have ever been. My muscle tone and posture have improved greatly, and that does provide a boost to my self-confidence as well! My daughter decided to join me in the work-outs, and now she is a dedicated and regular participant as well.

Hilary’s enthusiasm and obvious level of personal fitness help to encourage her students to stick with the program and achieve the results they are seeking, no matter what their age may be. Hilary can show you the exercises you need to do, with the proper technique to help you achieve your goals and avoid injury. What more could you ask?

You just need to get started and don’t give up!
Ann Bryan W.
My husband, daughter and I have been going to Hilary's classes for over a year, 3 times per week. Hilary's workouts really work and tone every part of your body! I definitely have seen a change! We leave feeling so good about ourselves! We have more energy than ever before. You are absolutely our favorite instructor !!! Please feel free to pass my recommendation on to whoever may be interested in a results oriented and fun workout instructor.
I have been working out with Hilary for 9 months now and am truly addicted! She is one of the best fitness instructors I have ever had and makes the hour (and the pain!) go by so quickly. One of the first things that impressed me about her is her personality, which is very friendly, outgoing and whimsical. She interjects a lot of humor into her classes and keeps everyone entertained. She is also an inspiration to me (and everyone else!) because she has a body of steel (that we all want!) and makes the exercises look so effortless. I have noticed that my body composition has changed remarkably since training with her and see more muscles than I have ever had. I haven't lost weight per se, but notice that my clothes fit better (especially in the rearend department!). I can highly recommend her as an incredible person, amazing athlete, and super trainer!
Ellen B.
I started working out in my early 40's after a 15 year hiatus from the gym. I actually had gained a pound a year since having a baby 15 years prior, which really was evident on my 4'9' frame. To say I had a working out-phobia was an understatement. Once I put my mind to it, I began to see immediate results specifically in my quads and glutes. Hilary is easy to follow - even for a beginner like me. She offers commentary as you work out so you understand exactly which muscle group you should be focusing on and explains things as simply as she goes along. I highly recommend Hilary as a trainer.
Hilary's classes are the best, I get a really good, full body workout. I changed to a healthier way of eating and taking her class twice a week in a month I lost 6 pounds and was not really trying to lose weight. I have been working out for 7 years now and Hilary's class is by far the best. Hilary makes it so much fun, even if you are having a bad day and have no energy she brings it out of you!!
Hilary's infectious personality creates a FUN environment for working out. At times you are having so much fun that you forget your are actually working out, that is until the next day when you feel it :) Which is a GREAT thing. She works muscles I did not even know I had. Now, I was fit when I started taking her classes, but with Hilary's guidance I was able to take toning to the next level. She is very knowledgeable and brings a high level of variety to each workout. If you want to get in great shape and have fun doing it, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Hilary.
Donna P.
Hilary has inspired me to reach my fitness goals. She is personable, knowledgeable, encouraging, engaging and energetic. She inspires her students to reach their own personal best.
Lynn B.
Hilary has abundant energy, works along with everyone throughout class, makes it fun and challenging and continues to change the routine to keep it new and fresh.

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